Importance Of Following Complete Steps Of HCG 123 For Success

Every treatment has a prescribed set of rules to make it effective. While they may differ in some ways for different people, on the whole they are just the same. These methods make sure that the treatment is turning out just as it should and also helps to keep track of the progress of the effects. Same is the case with the HCG diet. If the users tend to digress from what they have been directed to do, the results will also differ from what they are supposed to be. Considering that it was developed by a doctor, the use of HCG drops should not inspire such mistrust.

Preliminary preparations

The technique of using the treatments can be defined as HCG 123. As so evidently stated, there are three steps to be followed in order to get the right effect from the HCG treatments. The first step begins when the drugs are first taken and the patient is expressly asked to eat more fatty food items for the first 48 hours. It may seem incongruous, but the process helps the body to acclimatize with the sudden emergence of hunger pangs that show up when the hormone begins reacting.

Stage-wise development of treatment

The preliminary stage of loading over the body is allowed to get acclimatised with the simple diet which excludes sugar, starch and most sources of carbohydrates. The first phase lasts anywhere between 23 to 60 days and helps to reset the metabolism. The second stage withdraws just the usage of hcg diet drops and aims at resetting the hypothalamus by making the patient eat well, but omits the use of starches and sugar for 21 days. The final stage of 21 days involves acclimatising the body back to begin the intake of all the carbohydrates it was not getting from food until then.

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